Monday, December 31

Sure Perfectly and Survive

Hey new years , welcome to my life ..
You're such a complicated moment ..
The happiest one is few days before the moment come ..   
   Someone take care of me ,
   Someone protect me when I goin' to everywhere I go ,
   Someone make my heartbeat beating so fast when lookin' to me and say some word,
   Someone that hold my hand when I'm nervous and when I need it to be safe ..

The saddest one is after the moment go after this maybe , but I hope not ..

   Someone said that make my heart a bit hurt ,
   Someone say something like wanna go far from me ,
   Someone act like wanna leave me ,
   Someone that repeal all the sweet moment that we have done together ..

You're my hope that I always hope all day ..

Now , I donno if it can be continue again ..
But I still hoping my hope ..
I know its a too big hope , but i still survive ! I will !
How I can moving on ?
You give something , anything and everything that my heart's needed ..
Last minute before the moment come , you give a small thing to be a perfect thing in my eyes and heart actually ..
Make me feel being an important girl ..
When you hold my hand I'm alive .. When you take it off I'm broken ,
When you're by my side I feel safe .. When you're gone I'm drowning ..
Please just be here .. 
I needed you , my heart's needed you , I wanted you !

I know its heart to be happen ..

But I can't lie to my self and heart that I'm into you ..
I can change my status , but not my heart !
I was thinking 'bout you , thinking 'bout me , thinking 'bout us what we gonna be ..
Maybe it was only just a dream ..
And I always pray for the real one ..
Dream can be reached right ? And I go for it .. With all my heart !
So , here I'm gonna stand ..
A girl who waiting for uncertain thing ..

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